Faze FM were first heard in September 1988, broadcasting to Brighton. They were initially on 105.2 FM, but within a couple of weeks they had moved up to 105.5. They then settled into broadcasting fortnightly on Sundays from 4 PM till midnight. This was soon increased to every Sunday and the hours were gradually increased as well.

The station broadcast dance music from the many DJs in the Brighton scene, including Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim.

It is thought they had some connection with another Brighton station, Kamikaze Radio, which could also be heard in Brighton on Wednesday nights on 105.5.

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Faze FM – 105.2 – Brighton – 1st Day – Norman Cook and Russ Dewbury – 1988
85 mins
Faze FM – 105.5 – Brighton – Mickey B – DJ Shem & Norman Cook – 20/11/88
47 mins
Faze FM – 105.5 – Brighton – DJ Shem & Norman Cook – Simons Good Grooves – 20/11/88
47 mins
Faze FM – 105.5 – Brighton – Cherry Marshall – 21/5/89
63 mins