Eruption FM first took the air on the 17th February 1993. They could be heard on 101.3 with a mixture of hardcore and jungle. They were soon part of the Rave scene, promoting many events

DJs in the early days included DJ Rap, Food Junky, DJ Vibes, Krome, DNA, Stompy, Vinylgroover, MC MC and Stevie Hyper D (rip), Clarkee, Squirrel, Skie, Demolition Crew, Jackknife, Billy Bunter, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Zinc and MC Rage, Transit, Exorcist and Model, Clockwork, Skeme, RJ Vibes and Manic.

The station went from strength to strength, but by early 1998 they were suffering from persistent raids. Therefore in January 1998 – a month before the stations fifth birthday – Eruption took a break. They were back on in October 1998 on 94 FM, having lost the 101.3 frequency, but stayed on that frequency for only four months before being forced to cease broadcasting again due to more raids. This time the break was longer, not returning until January 2000, on a new frequency of 104 FM.

In September 2003 they were back on 101.3, and were by this point more of an old skool station. Although they were looking at the crazy days of the old rave scene – re-living all those old classics and all the tracks that have been forgotten through time, they were still pushing all the new skool drum and bass, hardcore and breakbeat rave scenes, keeping the scene moving forward without forgetting its roots.

Eruption FM ceased pirate broadcasting in 2012, becoming an internet only station.

More on Eruption FM can be found on these sites:

Eruption Radio Website
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Eruption FM – 101.3 – DJ Skeme – 17/4/94
46 mins
Eruption FM – 101.3 – DJ Model & DJ Transit – 8/1/95
92 mins
Eruption FM – 94.0 – DJ Outlaw – Jan 1999
44 mins
Eruption FM – 101.3 – DJ NSK – 8/4/06
68 mins
Eruption FM – 101.3 – DJ Sike – 8/4/06
119 mins