In the 1980s Edzy was a member of the reggae, house and hip hop into over-the-top, bass-heavy dance music band, Unique 3. They pressed up a few white labels of a track called The Theme and found themselves with a massive underground hit on their hands.  They were swiftly signed by Virgin subsidiary Ten Records and released a couple more singles, one of which, Musical Melody, made the top 20 and took the Unique 3 into the nation’s living rooms via Top of the Pops.

This was the beginning of the end for the band and after the inevitable split; Edzy spent most of his Unique 3 earnings setting up a pirate radio station – Bradford’s Emergency FM.

Emergency FM were first heard testing on the 27th July 1990. Regular programmes started at 12:30pm the following day on 99.9 FM. They promised daily broadcasts of Soul, Jazz, Funk, Dance and House with DJs including Peter Schofield, Nick Maguire, DJ Countdown and Pianoman.

More about Emergency FM can be found on these sites:

Emergency FM Website

DJ Countdown Facebook Page

Pianoman Page


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Nick Maguire – 6/8/90 62 mins
DJ Hutchy – 6/8/90 30 mins
Nick Maguire – 13/8/90 92 mins
Unknown DJ – Mr Clips – 29/8/90 47 mins