Dream FM LogoDream FM was one of the most well known pirates in Yorkshire during the 1990’s. It boasted over 30 DJ’s and a range of different dance music styles such as house, dub, trance, hardcore, funk, soul, acid, jazz, hip, hop techno and chill out to name but a few.

Merchandise was also available through Dream Promotions, which did a mail order service. Mix tapes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, record bags, slip-mats, car stickers and hats were all available as well a list of DJ’s and a time table.

Some DJ’s on the station were Tony Walker, Mark Dawson, Shock, Craig Christon, Greenpeace, Daisy & Havoc, Simon Scott, DJ Egg, Chris Madden, MAR and Paul Taylor.

Broadcasts were heard on 99.9MHz up until 1994 when the station expanded and moved to 107.8MHz. A relay was set up in York on 107.6MHz that later moved to Wakefield. Dream’s broadcasts where always heard over a wide area, wherever they chose to broadcast from.

Because of the professional nature in which the station was run many people considered it to be legal. Dream FM also featured on Edit V, a program broadcast by Yorkshire TV in 1994 about pirate radio (see link below).

In 1995 Dream started a campaign to go legal called ‘A Licence To Dream’. Adverts were played on air and listeners were asked to write in with letters of support so that Dream could use the letters as a petition. As part of the agreement Dream had to go off air for a period of 6 months.

In November 1995 the last transmissions where heard from Dream, however 6 months later there was still no sign of Dream FM. In 1997 a licence was awarded to Kiss 105 to broadcast across Yorkshire. Kiss later changed its name to Galaxy and more recently changed its name once again, this time to Capital FM.

In 2000, 5 years after Dream was last heard, transmissions started again on 107.5MHz, though these did not last long and since then no further broadcasts have been heard.

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Artwork & Paper Cuttings

Dream Flyer
Dream Logo
Station Rota 1993


Edit V – Documentary about Dream FM


Dream FM – Vortex & Joey Beltram54 mins
Dream FM – 99.9 – DJ Camaro – 199262 mins
Dream FM – 99.9 – DJ Shock45 mins
Dream FM – 99.9 – DJ Shock – 199272 mins
Dream FM – 99.9 – DJ Shock – Boxing Day – 199289 mins
Dream FM – 99.9 – DJ Shock & MC Alarming – 199346 mins
Dream FM – 99.9 – DJ Camaro – 199373 mins
Dream FM – 99.9 – TC & Andy – 27/3/9392 mins
Dream FM – 99.9 – DJ Camaro & MC Alarming21 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – DJ Swift & DJ Zinc – Early 199446 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – DJ Shock & DJ Zinc – 199446 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – DJ Shock & Tony Walker – 199440 mins
Dream FM – 107.6 – DJ Shock – Summer 199493 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – Jane – 199420 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – Steve Luigi & TC – 199589 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – Steve Luigi – The Classic Half Hour – 199530 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – MAR & Mr C – March 199571 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – Carl Whitehead – March 199545 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – Walker Boys & MC Alarming42 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – Dave Hill27 mins
Dream FM – 107.8 – Elmet Brothers20 mins