End of the line for DFM studio.
Over the years Dimension has had some mad moments, but i don’t think that anything would compare to this weekend!

It all started on the Saturday, everything was going fine, DJ’s Saulty and Mini were on the decks spinning the tunes, then it all goes crackly. Hearing that sound so many times before, its time to send someone down to the rig site and have a look from a distance.

After finding that the rig had been removed from its happy perch, we replaced the rig with another one and continued with the weekend.

This was the last weekend in our studio, this had been a safe home for over a year, which is a bit dodgy to stay in a studio but we really liked this one.


Anyway we decided that we should have some sort of party.

We had a massive car park and along with the landlord we’d been building a bonfire for about the last nine months, it was very big.

(See Picture)

The Sunday was very hot, so it was perfect for what we had planned, we could tell this was going to be a good party.

The night kicked off about 6pm, we dragged a speaker outside of the studio and got the BBQ on the go. It took a while to get going, but a packet of fire lighters and a bottle of BBQ fluid later we were cooking on gas 🙂

So we put loads of food on and started to get pissed with loads of DFM DJ’s and guests wanting to see the studio off in style.

We decided to light the bonfire, we got this old mixture of petrol, oil and anything else that a car has in it that will burn that had been festering in the garage next door. We let it soak in for a bit and then lit it. It went up well, very well, but about 10 minuets after it started the coppers pulled into our yard complaining about the fire. The fire brigade had also been called to put it out and spoil our fun.

The copper, a sergeant and WPC were looking around asking us what’s going on. We explained that we were having a party as the whole site was being demolished for houses to be built.

(Our studio was a porter-cabin in the yard of a car garage, it was on one level and we had a big office in it).

The DJ’s continued playing and whispering into the mic with the music turned down, so not to draw too much attention to themselves. At one point the WPC was only 2-3 feet away from the DJ/decks and she didn’t even notice!! (See Picture) I think they would be kicking themselves now.

About 10 minutes later the fire brigade arrived, and the police decided that they had seen enough, (they refused our offer of beer and burgers).

As they got back in their car we reconnected the outside speaker and cranked it up again.



Luckily the fire brigade only decided to damp down around the fire so fair play to them. After a while they left us, but never took the crowd of spectators that had gathered on the road outside our studio. I don’t think they had seen as much action in the area for a while, and little did they know they had a pirate radio studio near them for the last year.

DimensionFM-StudioStory1We carried on with our party until it was time to have a big finish to the bonfire, some massive rockets that the landlord had got from somewhere (I think they were from Iraq). They were a lot better than shed loads of aerosols that seemed to have got into the fire 🙂 and the next day loads of people said they had seen and heard them.

The night continued until the early hours and the fire got stocked up with whatever we could find. That about rapped up our time in that studio, it will be missed as I’m sure everyone will agree, it was the most sorted place we have ever had.

The DFM team would like to thank the landlord, you were sorted and believed in DFM, RESPECT to you!

Also big up the dog Olie AKA the littlest Hobo, thanks for not biting any of the DJ’s, but he did terrorize them enough.

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