What people said about Dimension FM and their signal.

Taken from the Dimension FM forum on 5/01/03
Saturday i went to Manchester Airport to drop some people off, i was quite surprised that i was able to listen to DFM ALL the way there…..
Anywayz on the way back home (alone) it was getting dark, i continued to listen to DFM while i “thought” i was going down the M6,
As a matter of fact i was travelling south towards London down the M1, i ended up near Coventry or some ****, and that is where i lost the DFM signal…..
The only reason i figured out i was lost was because of this!
Big up the wicked signal in Manchester and Big up to the aerial/rig or whatever it is, and where it is…. DFM is boomin across the airwaves

Neon – Telford

Taken from Midlands pirates group on 28/12/02
Picking Dimension FM up pretty strong in South Birmingham. The best I’ve heard them.
Oh and I’m getting the RDS signal too.

Mark – Birmingham

Taken from radiopirates.co.uk forum on 25/12/02
big up DFM engineering, crystal clear in Walsall tonight with RDS.

Sem – Wolverhampton

Taken from radiopirates.co.uk forum on 25/12/02
Wow!! Even picking you up in Liverpool (Wavertree area) not a bad signal either, tuner locks on OK – despite Radio 3 on 92.0. *Almost* getting RDS too – light keeps coming on, but guess it can’t quite grab the data.
Nice 1 lads!!!!

Ade – Liverpool

Taken from radiopirates.co.uk forum on 25/12/02
DFM’s signal is excellent this xmas..
I’ve moved my aerial around a bit at home and its actually stronger than any other pirate here now! which is a good achievement considering how much closer I am to Underground and Kriss FM.
Since I’ve moved my aerial today, DFM locks on ‘Tuned’ in RDS on my Kenwood Tuner at home! My tuner doesn’t pick up RDS unless the signals decent either.

Scott – Dudley

Email sent to Dimension FM on the 5/10/02
Online listener in the France
Hi!!! I’ve just discover your site. Long life to your garage live stream…and to your site…


Email sent to Dimension FM on the 1/12/01
From an online listener in the USA
You guys f**king rule, i was born in Hungary and there’s nothing like UK/Euro beats … these guys over here rarely knock it up a notch,
I tune in from live365 here on the weekend & you guys absolutely f**kin tear it up, i happen to have one question though,
there’s really virtually no DJs around here in new Hampshire, and I’ve been teaching myself for the last year and a half and still have problems mixing, i know it comes more natural for other people … do you guys have any tips on mixing beats and keeping things dynamic?
Keep it real, fan from the U.S.

Adam Konrad

Email sent to Dimension FM on the 15/9/01
From someone listening on the web
Just started streaming your audio via live 365 as seen on frn.net grapevines.
Sounds really cool. Anyways just thought I’d say hi and tell you I’m in Orillia Ontario Canada.

Alex Draper

Email sent to Dimension FM on the 6/8/01
I had just left CostCo in Liverpool, right by the Albert Dock when I started tuning about. The radio stopped on 106.5 and I thought it was a local station at first. Then I heard it was you at about 3pm playing BABY BABY by Corona (Sorry it was the chat show).
I got you all the way to the entrance of the Wallasey Tunnel, then perfect on the Birkenhead side by the docks. After that the signal faded slightly and I lost you in the town centre


Email sent to Dimension FM also on the 6/8/01
Hello Dimension FM I am in Croft near Warrington Cheshire (about a mile from junction 22 on the M6, near Culcheth and Risley) and was listening to you on Friday and Saturday mainly at night. Your signal is a bit noisy in the day but at night (midnight and later) it suddenly gets a lot cleaner and is ok to listen to I don’t know why, maybe another station goes off air at midnight. Knowsley Community Radio about 12 miles away on 106.7 can sometimes bleed over you.

From Herb

Email sent to Dimension FM on the 29/04/01
Hi DFM crew
Good to hear spankin good tunes on the airways you’ve got a really good reception in Swadlincote (South Derbyshire) i really love your show and……well…..i woz wondering…….could you play shooting star for me…..even if its banned…..you nasty man!

From ya loyal fans
NoG ‘n’ SiB

Taken from the Concept news message board on the 30/12/00
Just a quick signal report, Dimension FM is booming in to the town centre of Birkenhead and can also be heard in Wallasey, Wirral on 106.4MHz. Now featuring DJ XL (or is it Excel)! 22:19 Saturday. Great music. Signal strength is up and down a bit sometimes noisy, but can be heard clearly if only in mono from here.

A follow up posted on the Midland’s Pirates message board.
Just a quick signal report – Dimension FM are booming in to Birkenhead, Wirral on 106.4MHz. It is now 22:36 and the signal is staying constant despite local interference. The station was also heard in Wallasey, Wirral earlier on. Excellent coverage and great music!
Thanks Geoff for them.

An Email sent to Dimension FM on 14/10/00
Dear Dimension Excellent show on Friday. I am 98% sure that you are not causing problems to Chester FM, even though your signal gets out brilliantly, they will be gone by next Friday.
Its great having you on Friday & Saturday and Lazer on Sunday.
beats watching TV!
Most of the time your signal is equal to beacon 103.1 and certainly better than Telford FM 107.4 Best wishes,

Tim from Congleton

Email from Dave in Bridgnorth
On the top of Brindley Place car park Dimension and Mix FM were battling each other – with Dimension just about getting the other hand. At street level Mix were winning.
Dimension listenable everywhere – particularly strong in the Dudley/Merry Hill area and in Kidderminster. Not brilliant in Bridgnorth – but that’s a site thing. (16dB)
The above email is now invalid as on Friday 15/12/00 he gave us a signal report of 19db, as we retuned our rig for full power.

Taken from the pirate chat website, news letter W/E 10/09/00
Must say respect to the Dimension fm crew who were making it into Dudley with a monster signal and a very good line up…nice to hear you back on air lads!

An Email sent to Dimension FM on 29/10/00
Sounded brilliant DFM, listened to most of the night on Friday and when i got in Saturday night. Sounding the clearest up here in Stoke that you’ve ever been – I could walk around with you on my walkman radio!

Matt in Stoke

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