RadioComsat-LogoIn the late 1970s, there was a station called Phoenix Radio, that broadcast progressive and alternative rock on 214m to East London and Essex. That station closed in September 1980 and most of the people involved went on to start Alices Restaurant (although later on, Alice would split into 2 stations and the Phoenix name was reborn).

One of the original Phoenix team who didn’t move on to Alice was Steve Justin, who decided to continue on AM as Radio Comsat from December 1980.

They were heard for a few hours most Sundays on 1404 kHz with a mixture of new wave and alternative music. Other DJs included Danny Dipole, John Scott and Christopher England.

Radio Comsat continued until late 1983.


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Steve Justin – December 1981 2 mins
Steve Justin – 2nd Birthday – December 1982 38 mins