Quest FM was first heard on 104 FM in early December 1988. They were a Soul, Funk and Jazz weekend station, initially broadcasting midday to midnight on Saturday and Sunday. DJ’s included DJ Lynx, DJ Touche, Pete King, DJ Swift, Anthony Page, TNT and DJK. They gave out an address of 30 Danesford, Hollinswood, Telford.

By January 1989, following the closure of PCRL, they had moved down the dial to 103.5, and then on the 14th January they came on as Sunrise community radio! They were back as Quest the next day, and could still be heard by February 0f 1989.

In March of 1989, many of the former Quest DJ’s could be heard on a new station, Groove 94. They again broadcast a Soul, Funk & Jazz across the weekend and gave out an address of C/O Non stop records, 14 St Martins House Parade, The Bull Ring, City Centre, Birmingham. They sometimes called themselves, Super Groove Radio as well.

By June of 1989, the now familiar team of DJ’s could be heard on Birmingham Weekend Radio (BWR) which used 105.5 FM. It is thought they broadcast from a tower block in Hockley, on the north side of central Birmingham, using a link to nearby tower block roofs. They gave out an address of C/O Room 3, Flat 4, Almond House, 3 Betts Road, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, B20 1NS.

BWR continued through the summer but by October of 1989 Groove FM was back, this time on 97.9 FM with the station announcing as Groove 98. They continued as Groove 98 until late 1990.


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Quest FM 104 – DJ Lynx & DJ Touche – 8/12/8851 mins
Quest FM 104 – Atom Man – 11/12/8863 mins
Quest FM 104 – DJ Lynx & DJ Touche – 1/1/8993 mins
94 FM – George May – 2/4/8963 mins
Groove FM 94 – Paul T – 8/4/8959 mins
Groove FM 94 – DJK – 9/4/8963 mins
Groove FM 94 – Al Capone – 26/5/8963 mins
Birmingham Weekend Radio 105.5 – E-Double-D – 3/6/8963 mins
Birmingham Weekend Radio 105.5 – E-Double-D – 3/8/8946 mins
Groove FM 98 – Al Capone – 14/10/8963 mins