Kenny Crescendo was one of the stalwarts of the Yorkshire free radio scene and was heard on many stations, such as Rebel Radio and Radio Orion. He also had his own station, Radio Britannia.

In the early 80s they could be heard on 1341 kHz medium wave, but later moved to FM. Early broadcasts took place from the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham then, during 1990, they moved to Barnsley.

The format was rock music, both classic and contemporary, and while Kenny was the main DJ, occasionally other DJs were heard. There were occasions when Britannia was off air for a long time, but they would always return. Through the years they have used various frequencies and various locations.

They were last heard around 1999, on 99.9 FM with a powerful signal that could be heard over a wide area.


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Radio Britannia – Sticker 1
Radio Britannia – Sticker 2
Radio Britannia – Sticker 3
Radio Britannia – Sticker 4


93 mins
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