This particular Radio Atlantis (there have been a few!), was first heard in 1978 broadcasting on medium wave. They ran a weekly Sunday morning service for 2 years.

In 1980/81 they relayed on Short Wave the programmes of Radio Julie, the first all female pirate station staffed by their wives or girlfriends. These were successful, so Atlantis started their own Short wave broadcasts in January 1982. Radio Julie finally closed in 1985 but Atlantis continued, although the medium wave and short wave broadcasts were limited to around 5 per year. Various frequencies were used including 1134 and 1611 kHz.

In January 1984 they started fortnightly broadcasts on 105 FM between 7 and 9 PM on a Sunday evening, firstly using the name Rother Valley Radio, changing to Radio Atlantis in late 1985.

By 1986 they were still broadcasting fortnightly, but this later became once month on Sunday evenings.

They originally broadcasting to East Sussex, but in 1987 the station moved transmitter sites closer to the Kent border, so could also be heard over much of Kent as well. This caused some confusion as Kent had had its own Radio Atlantis from the North of the County for some years!

Atlantis FM closed in August 1990, but broadcasts continued on short wave into the 1990s.


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