The radio station called Radio Atlantis commenced broadcasting in July 1965. The station was located at Heanor, Derbyshire, England. Regular broadcasts included 50s and 60s popular Music and 60s American Soul Music (Tamla Motown etc).

In the summer of 1967, the station expanded and also broadcast on a second frequency, from an alternative location. “Radio Atlantis” then became “Radio Atlantis North” and “Radio Atlantis South” respectively. Radio Atlantis North broadcast on 201 meters/1492 kHz in the Medium Wave Band, while Radio Atlantis South broadcast on 213 meters/1408 kHz in the Medium Wave Band.

Radio Atlantis North was closed down on Sunday 19th May, 1968, at 1228 pm, by GPO radio service investigations officers. Some weeks later, Michael Groves and Patrick Gerrard appeared at the local Magistrates Court at Heanor, Derbyshire. They were prosecuted by “The Crown” and all equipment that made up the station was confiscated by “The Crown”. Groves and Gerrard were also ordered to pay an amount of money for court costs. They were prosecuted under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949, for installing and operating a radio transmitter on 201 metres/1492 kHz in the Medium Wave Band without a license and broadcasting “Popular” music and “Speech” under the station name of “Radio Atlantis”.

Radio Atlantis South ceased its broadcasts in 1969.

Radio Atlantis was very popular in the 1960s, with its variety of popular music and American Soul, and it boasted several radio presenters during its time on the air in the 1960s.

To name a few……

“Your DJ…Mike A…Mike Adams mikeside”

“Sultan Washington is the name, Soul man is my game”

“There’s never a bore, with Anthony Thaw”

“Easy listening with Guy Warren”

“Smoothride with your DJ, BJ, Barry Johnson”

Over the years, since Radio Atlantis was closed down by the authorities, several radio stations have come on air using the name for themselves, including the offshore station that broadcast from international waters in the 1970s….the team at the original Radio Atlantis took this as a compliment.