It’s difficult to imagine now, with the amount of radio stations available, just how little choice there used to be. If you wanted to listen to something a bit different, the chances are you wouldn’t be tuned in to stations broadcasting from plush studios, but from tower blocks or windy hills. These were the glory days of land based pirate radio.
The Pirate Archive has been created as a tribute to the people who put in the hard work on these stations, just to provide us with some entertainment. It is also here to preserve the stories and old recordings which would otherwise be lost, meaning a little bit of broadcasting history would be gone forever.

We have station histories, artwork, newspaper articles, audio and video recordings all available for download. Click on the stations button above. You might find your favourite station in there.

We are always willing to add more material and more stations to the ones already covered, but to do so, we need your help. If you have any material you would like to share by allowing us to make it available for download, then please get in touch or upload it by using the upload page the link to which is on the left of the page.

Did you tape your favourite station or were you a pirate broadcaster who used to record your own shows? Show the world why you got excited enough to use up a C90 taping your favourite station, prove to your friends how famous you used to be or let your old programmes live again and reach a whole new audience.

On the other hand if you’d just like to reminisce about the old days, click on the forum button above and come and join us for a chat. Who knows, some long lost friends could be lurking in there.